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Project Furry Kill

Year 2385 Earth is taken over by Aliens know as Furries from Planet Y6732. Aliens making people to play in ther reality show "PROJECT FK" which by people know as "Project Furry Kill". In this show People are forced to fight with army's of furries with there bare hands while furries are equipped with guns.

You play as Kim know by aliens as Sonasha. Kim has ability use orbs scattered trough levels and use theme as shield which know as "SHEELD" with it she can run in non moving enemy's and kill them while moving enemy not.

Run in not moving and jump on moving to get out of this sick project .

-Simple 2D graphics

-Black and White visuals

-To end level kill set amount of Furries

-Collect as many orbs to protect yourself(earn 12 to run in non moving enemy)

-Unique boss battles

-Explore to kill more

-Secret End suprise

System Requirements:

AMD/Intel Cpu with 1.6GHz clock Speed. Gpu with 32MB of Vram. 126MB of RAM. 6MB of free space. OS Windows 95/98/ME, Windows XP.

Published Sep 26, 2015
Author8-Bit Nameless
Tags2D, 8-bit, Female Protagonist, Game Boy, Short

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Project Furry Kill inst.exe 4 MB

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